Sadomatist Interviews: Lil Disceased

How has life been going for you?

Life been an emotional rollercoaster last year or so, but right now I'm stronger then ever and I'm pushing so everything good, hope you been good ya self.

What is the future for SouthernGawthMobb?

The future/vision has always been the same and that’s take over and spread our sounds worldwide, i’m not trying to look at the small scene, we all bigger then that, once people catch on i think we’ve shown long enough we ready for it, we our biggest critics, trust me when i say the future holds a lot, keep your eye on us; Me, Trvsh,Zerosuit and Kese coming heavy.

You released a couple projects recently. Talk about the recording processes and which albums are your favorites.

Recording process really doesn’t have a set schedule or way i go about it, i mean most times i get the beat, and if i’m feeling it i’ll free write or freestyle a hook on the spot, and build from there. Sometimes, it takes me weeks to perfect one song, it all depends but i’ve gotten to where everytime i get on a track i know exactly what i’m going for, and i felt like that’s something i lacked earlier in the game lol. Trench Muzic 3 was undoubtedly my favorite project, everything me and trvsh did for the project was perfect, the first track for it was IDKWHYY, and i had just gotten out of a serious relationship, so i was going at things completely different, i wanted to add more melody, more passion into my shit, after that song it all came naturally, it was definitely me pushing myself out of my boundaries and then some but i needed to put that on myself to be able to drop that tape. In my honest opinion i think that tape doesn’t get recognized enough, i hope one day it’s seen as greatness the same way i do lol.

How did you start linking up with Jewelxxet?

It originally started when Sam Murray hit me up to do a verse on the kick flip open, that’s how i found those guys, i already knew Babygucci and a few others and from there i just kept my eye on them, and literally a few months later before that split went down Jewelxxet and all the other guys was on top of the game arguably, but the ones who were around know what’s up lol , i’m not gone get into anything tho. I did enjoy working with slur and 4jay, they was going crazy and pushed me to try something different.

Your view on the underground in 2020?

It’s a split, there’s the real ones grinding n pushing out to get on, and they know who they are, and then there’s the sideways ones who cool to an extent but quick to let their true colors show. Then there’s the lames who kinda “hang” around and like to rep the game but really taint the shit and bring stupid ass shit into play that halts everything else, Mfs need to focus more on they work and less on what’s going on around them, but the ones who on right now the ones who going hard for the scene.

A couple weeks ago, it was announced that BMB ended. Being that you have collaborated with BMB artists and that Triple 1 Records was founded by LZA, what are your thoughts on them disbanding?

It’s unfortunate and i did work with a lot of producers in the group, but it was a good move, BMB put their stamp on the game, they got their dues, it’s time to let them shyne on their own and branch out. Stuff was starting to fall out and i don’t know fully what happened so, best of luck to them boys.

Who do you want to collaborate with next?

I’ve really collaborated with mainly everyone i wanted too, but as far as producers i do want to work with Krxxk more, would love to work with Bloodline Genesis, f16 another cool producer, nxsta, krone and shit i’m prolly forgetting a lot of names lol. I reach out whenever i find someone i want to work with, sometimes they respond sometimes they don’t, beside of dream collabs i can’t really say for sure, honestly i’ll probably just stay getting the same guys on features if the chemistry there shit gone be a hit, so why not.

Any upcoming projects in the works since the country is going through this pandemic?

Yep, got my two sided tape with Lil Trvsh and Zerosuit coming very soon, Really excited about this one too, it was fun to record this tape and the songs slap, be on the lookout, got singles otw too, be looking forward to our shynxe money drop as well with me lza and zerosuit on vocals produced by trvsh, that shit go hard too lol

If you wanted to, would you want to start your own collective? What artists would be involved?

In a way SouthernGawthMobb is my own collective, it’s really me and trvsh who started this. Really i think right now i got everyone in it i would want in, I do wish SinisterSchuyler and Homicide (666_666_6666) worked on music more, the opportunities would be endless there but i respect their decisions and it’s coming in due time, so until then me trvsh zerosuit and kese going hard on everything else and doing everything we can to get SGM out there .

Any last words?

Shoutout everyone out there grinding and pushing shit out, i appreciate anyone who took the time to tune in, shout-out my family in SGM/SGR/TRIPLE1, shoutout ferrara, baby gucci, loko los, krxxk, icxxy, murph, yung flex, yoshi mob, hexx, sol faneto, penta omega, 108mics, shoutout flamezz shoutout og scorp always and yeah keep an eye out for drops, follow me on twitter/instagram @lildisceased for all updates on drops and shit. Shoutout to you for the interview too, preciate you for your time and it’s always a pleasure on my end

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